The government of the PPP, the opposition parties including the PML-N and the allies in coalition like the ANP have to address the issue of foreigners on our soil openly as their failure to do so shows that the whole scenario has been choreographed with their tacit support. And if that be so, the people of Pakistan would never forgive them. To me, they all seem part and parcel of this conspiracy. The Blackwater is clear and present in Pakistan but the everyday incidents involving the Americans are being hushed up with complicity of them all. The media has made some hue and cry, numerous talk shows having been held on the subject but it is very frustrating that the anchors themselves are too scared to openly question the politicians on this blatant violation of our integrity. The time has come for the whole nation to understand seriousness of the current situation. The Americans have spent over a trillion dollars by last count in Afghanistan and Iraq on maintaining their unjustified occupation of these countries. They refuse to learn from history. The CIA, RAW and MOSSAD are one on the agenda to destabilize Pakistan, or more precisely, to destabilise Pakistan enough to be able to take over our nuclear assets. They must come prepared, though, as this is not Iraq. The trillion they have spent on occupations and fighting on another countrys soil should have been spent on building defenses around their homeland, a virtual shield around the US. -M. ALI RIAZ, Lahore, January 16