ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court on Monday directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to approach the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to trace two minors who are now a bone of contention between a Pakistani couple, Omar Farooq and Khushabkhat Mirza alias Sofia. A three-member bench of the apex court was inquiring how Omar Farooq, ex-husband of a fashion model Sofia Mirza, had runaway from the country along with two daughters despite their names were placed on Exit Control List (ECL). The bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmed and Justice Ghulam Rabbani also directed the Interior Secretary to cancel the passport of Omar Farooq. The Chief Justice also directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to look into the matter while consulting with the Foreign Office. He also observed if Omar Farooq appeared before the court voluntarily, he would be given full protection. The court directed Inspector General of Punjab Police to submit a report and also issued notice to Attorney General of Pakistan accordingly. Ali Gilani, an attorney when the case was in Lahore High Court (LHC), will appear before the court on the same date, it said further in its direction. Raja Sarfaraz, the counsel for Omar Farooq, argued that Sofia had married to his client on February 16, 2006, just to extort money from him that was why he divorced her. On statement of Sarfaraz that Sofia was a model and may inspire the court during the proceedings, the Chief Justice got furious and said No body would be allowed to malign the judiciary. He also pointed the professionalism of the learned counsel. During the course of proceedings, Sofia informed the court that Farooq regularly tortured her with his friend who is a businessman. She would not demand anything further if her daughter were handed over to her, the model further contended. Qari Abdur Rehman, the counsel for Sofia, informed the court that Omar was repeatedly threatened his client through phone calls asking her not to demand her minors further. He also informed the court that Omar had nationality of Norway, as he had been living in Oslo for many years. Earlier, both the sides had reached a compromise in August 2009 about the custody of children before the LHC but Omar violated that deal and fled away from the country along with two daughters, Zainab and Zunera. As per the terms of the compromise, Omer Farooq was allowed to meet his daughters after every 15 days as directed by the guardian judge. However, Sofia moved the Supreme Court after her ex-husband left for Dubai taking both the daughters with him. APP adds: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry observed during the hearing that no one could secure a favour from the Supreme Court through any manipulation. Expressing his displeasure over remarks of a counsel for a respondent in a case pertaining to two minor girls, he said that only petty minds could think on these lines. We hear hundreds of cases of such nature and how can you say that anyone will inspire us to get a favour; its your narrow thinking, he told the counsel. It also directed the Secretary Interior Ministry to cancel passport of the girls father Umar Farooq with the help of the FIA and apprise the court as to how two girls had been taken outside the country when their names were on the Exit Control List. Provincial Police Officer (IGP) Punjab was directed to submit details of the cases against the petitioner. Sofia told the court that she did everything for compromise with her husband despite his excesses. She left modelling but her husband kept torturing her physically, the woman told the court. She prayed to the bench to issue direction for immediate recovery and repatriation of her children. The hearing was adjourned till January 27.