KARACHI - Around 2,000 Pakistan Railways engine drivers will together submit their resignations to General Manager Railway in protest against the outdated and depreciated system of Pakistan Railways on January 30, said president All Pakistan Loco Running Staff Train Drivers Association, Muhammad Saleem Raza. Addressing a press conference along with other engine drivers at Karachi Press Club on Monday, he said that 80 per cent of the 600 train engines had been depreciated and a big accident could be occurred any time thats why for the sake of the people lives and the country, the resignations will be submitted to General Manager Railway. He said that advertisements were published by them in all Pakistan newspapers to grab the attention of the management on December 1, 2009 in which it was demanded that the protected railway system must be restored immediately including the opened railway crossings, failed signal system, dilapidated tracks, unsafe coaches, and out of order train engines but the management showed their selfishness and failed to do so. We observed a black week against it but the management didnt notice it and showed their negligence and now a month has been passed and it seems they dont want to change it, he added. Raza said that in this current wave of terrorism where bomb attacks were taking the lives of innocent people, these drivers are doing their duties without any fear and also in 80 degree Celsius temperature in the summer without any AC in the engine. All the air conditioners were put out by the authorities and got them fitted into their houses. He mentioned that they were receiving only 30 paisa for each kilometre while other workers were earning more. There were times when it was said that the PIA pilots salaries should be equal to the train engine drivers and now there is a huge difference between the salaries of pilots and us, he added. Raza said that around 2,100 railway crossings were without gates causing great trouble for the public like the Mian Chunno train accident in which several kids were died. Even the railway signals were not working and they could not indicate if the other train was coming or not. He said that Ghotki, NWFP, Jumma Goth, Mian Chunno and several other incidents were the cause of this outdated railway system and now we couldnt throw our nation into this hazardous situation. He indicated that there was no budget set up for the railways. The Army gave a great loss to the railways in the government of General Musharraf for which no action was taken up. He further said that the privatisation of the trains caused a great loss to the railway department. There were no bathrooms and the first-aid facility in the engines. Raza appealed to the high-ups to take effective measures otherwise they will submit their resignations. M Iqbal Tanoli, Nazar Muhammad, M Bakhsh Khaki and Nazeer Awan also attended the conference.