ISLAMABAD The hard-hitting speeches made by President Asif Ali Zardari during his visit to Punjab has led to sour PPP working relations with PML-N, its principal coalition partner in the Punjab government. Sources on Monday told TheNation that President Zardaris remarks about forthcoming LB polls had been taken by the PML-N leadership as provocation compelling the Punjab CM Mian Shahbaz Sharif to advise President Zardari to quit the party office. Sources said that President Zardaris speeches in Lahore had widened the gulf between the two parties that may cause serious political damage to the major political players that seek to implement Charter of Democracy (CoD). Sources were of the view that relations between the two parties would further deteriorate in the days to come if both sides failed to reconcile and evolve a combined course to tackle the issues including repealing of 17th Amendment and upcoming Local Bodies polls. President Zardari by issuing provocative statements had actually damaged the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two parties, sources said. They were not much hopeful about reconciliation between the two political players. Sources in the PML-N say that their party would be more comfortable without the PPP, adding It all depends on the strategy to be evolved by the party high command in tackling the latest situation.