Karachi (PPI) - Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin says the government took 'unpopular but courageous decisions to stabilise the economy with nine point agenda in year 2008. We focussed on strengthening economy and reducing budget deficit to achieve sustainable growth. We told International Monetary Fund and rest of the world of nine point agenda in 2008 to revive economy. Pakistan should learn lesson from the past and need to share prosperity with consumption led growth. Tax collection machinery is being revamped to enhance revenues. There is need for untapped areas like capital gain tax on stock market, agriculture tax and checking pilferage of taxes in public sector. Much has been done in this regard and tax GDP ratio this year will be reasonable, ' He expressed these views while addressing members of Pakistan Japan Business Forum PJBF at meeting arranged by PJBF President Abdul Kader Jaffer here. He said that neglected agriculture sector had now been given priority for mechanisation to make it profitable. We have low production of cotton, wheat, cotton, sugarcane. The government ensured crops support price so that middle man does not benefit. According to the Minister Pak Rupee was over valued by 24-28 per cent and stressed need for an effective real exchange rate. He felt Pakistan was heavily dependent on United States and European Union markets for its exports. Member states of Economic Cooperation Organization ECO were a potential market for Pakistani goods and need to be focussed. He felt optimal mix of hydro and coal was necessary to meet growing energy needs. World Bank report says Thar coal reserves in Sindh province were double than that of Russia. We need to develop our energy reserves to achieve self sufficiency through public private partnership. PEPCO was detached from WAPDA. The solution is privatisation to reduce government losses. Construction of dams has started to meet water and power needs. He further said that capital market was being developed and Planning Commission being revitalized and made accountable to the parliament. The government was focussing on poverty alleviation with social security net. Benazir Income Support Programme and Household Income Programme for skill training would provide jobs to the people. He said Japan was important investment partner of Pakistan and looking at several ventures. Whole nation and armed forces are engaged in fight to eliminate terrorism. We suffer billions of dollar losses every year due to lost opportunities of investment. We are setting up Special Economic Zones. Kader Jaffer in his remarks said Pakistans economy suffered losses of $36b as frontline state in war against terrorism. He hoped that nation would come out of serious problems and economy of the country would stabilize soon. Japans new govt of Democratic Party was supporting Pakistan and want to invest in infrastructure and energy projects.