SHAKIRA is helping save the worlds economies by going shopping. The Hips Dont Lie hitmaker admits she used to feel guilty about splashing her cash because she is Catholic but soon realised her spending habits are a good thing. I do like to enjoy things any normal girl my age enjoys: I jog in the park, watch really bad movies, she told Britains You magazine. I used to feel guilty - I am a Catholic girl after all - but today, the way I see it, shopping keeps the world rolling. A world where people dont consume? The economy gets worse. The Colombian-born beauty also denied claims she has turned her back on her native country and insists she does everything she can to help. It couldnt be further from the truth - I go frequently to Colombia, said the star, who now lives in Miami. I grew up understanding that in countries like mine when you are born poor, you are destined to die poor. I have seen how many children are recruited into the militia or into the drug-trafficking business at an early age because they are not safe at school, and I understood that I could do something about it even in a small way. No child wants to be a drug dealer or in the militia. SS