In successive governments, various Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, minister and all of their cronies have been making the promise to turn Karachi into another Hong Kong, or the country into an Asian Tiger. Just as all governments have used the rhetoric of calling the overseas Pakistanis (OPs) the 'real ambassadors of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif as PM went to the extent of calling them 'our family members urging them to take over running of the Pakistan embassies abroad. The actual position of the Ops was explained in a quote of the NA Accounts Committee a few years ago that had observed that neither the Pakistan government, nor the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis or the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation cared a fig for the OPs. The Committee had uged all concerned to notice how much attention the Indian government paid to Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Why do I mention all of this? On Tuesday, 12th of January 2010, I traveled to Lahore to visit the OPF office at 08.30. On presentation of the documents, a photocopy of one of the originals was demanded. I, being a total stranger in Lahore, went along with my host to the market to get the photocopies. None of the shops were opened yet. So we waited. The full staff, including Director OPF, had not turned up either although the office opens at 08.00 a.m. sharp. After 45 minutes, when we arrive back with the copy, the copy of another document was demanded. When we requested the OPF staff to get the copy from within the office, they refused point blank. I really felt ashamed at having to ask my host twice to drive me around for a worthless photocopy. -JAVED, Karachi, January 16