ISLAMABAD - The lecturers and employees working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have moved the Supreme Court to get the hiring facility for residential accommodations which they have been denied for years, TheNation has learnt. In this regard, the Supreme Court served notices to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance to inquire about the issue of non-allocation of funds for residential accommodation to the teachers and non-teaching staff of the colleges. Hundreds of faculty members and non-teaching staff of Islamabad Model Colleges appointed through FPSC have been living under miserable conditions due to non-allocation of funds for residential accommodation by the government for many years. The teaching faculty and non-teaching staff of the colleges have been denied the funds to rent houses in the Capital for many years which is their basic right. Many who have been appointed recently have not been given the amount even a single time since their appointment. It has been learnt that the ministry has submitted the reply in the apex court suggesting that the amount to rent houses should be given with the salary. At present, the amount is released separately by the Finance Ministry, which has made the procedure difficult for the lecturers and employees. They have been told by the Ministry of Education that the Finance Ministry has stopped the release due to scarcity of funds whereas the employees of other ministries have been getting the facility. According to the teachers of different schools and colleges rent of a house ranges from Rs15,000 up to Rs25,000 monthly while the salary of the lecturers or professors is approximately Rs16,500. Even if the amount for residential accommodation is released to them, it is not sufficient to make a decent living here in the capital. They regret that the problems related to salary, accommodation, promotion and teaching profession being unattractive have been forcing them to leave the profession. There is also a disparity in salary between teachers and other civil servants in the public service and current pay scale is grossly incommensurate with the qualifications and experience prescribed for the appointments for their posts.