KARACHI - Wifaqul Madaris Ulema jointly declared on Monday that whoever would cast a malicious eye at Madaris and would dare to create fake terror link with these Islamic seminaries would strictly be dealt by all humble followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Addressing a Press conference at Jamia-e-Banoria site Wifaqul Madaris Presisident Qari Muhammed Hafeez Jalindheri, along with Moulana Samee-ul-Haq, Moulana Asad Thanvi said that there were forces in the country that deliberately trying to create an impression that these seminaries were proliferating terror and the education based on terror. They said that if the government had any proof against Wifaqul Madaris involvement in terror activities, we ourselves would demolish and ban the madaaris. He said that Wifaqul Madaris had announced mass contact campaign thinking that it was time to mobilise the people against external forces which did not want see prosperous and flourishing Pakistan. He strictly denounced the decision taken by different European countries to ban Minarates (Temples) of Mosques and termed it as violation of basic religious rights. He added that there should be a law binding to all human beings to respect everyones religion. It should also be imposed restriction on the freedom of speech hurting religious sentiments of any human being. Moulana Sameel-ul-Haq said that dialogue was better way to resolve the issues rather than waging war. He said that wifaq-ul-Madaris at the time of operation in Sawat tried to bridge the gap between Taliban and the government. it also succeeded in bringing them to reach an agreement but suddenly overnight what had happened that government declined from it and operation started in the area which caused sever losses. He urged people to get united as country was passing through very critical time, appealing all the political parties, religious parties and civil society to set aside their minor differences to confront the challenges of foreign interference in our countrys matters. He said that the western lords were governing our democratic institutions, which is clear-cut violation of our independence and solidarity in form of drone attacks. During the press conference Qari Muhammed Hafeez Jalindheri informed the journalists about the educational activities wifaqul Madaris examination process recently ended.