LAHORE-President Asif Ali Zardaris long visit to the city in view of the observers, is particularly significant from the political point of view amid a situation when the local body elections are round the corner in Punjab with high stakes of the PPP to it and the president striving to reach out to the masses after the month long slumber. During his addresses at the Governors House, President Zardari was open on many things including his commitment with the democracy and the masses and raised finger at the conspirators, thieves, and to brace the masses for local bodies elections and a package of promises atop of all that a big promise to the nation to reduce the prices of the gas, water and petrol and give jobs to the people. Zardari, a co-chairman of the PPP, had indeed a high regard for the sacrifices the Bhutto family gave for the country and the democracy and their mention coupled with his sufferings in the jail (particularly while he was in Punjab), and address in Punjabi, tell that he means more than merely a visit and contact with the masses, For observers also view Zardari visit as a holistic attempt to mobilize people of Punjab in his favour and the PPP. But he spent most of the time in the Governors House where he took decisions about re-organisation of the PPP and opened the membership of the party, inaugurated a number of projects and awarded the workers of PPP and the PPP affiliated employees, and interacted with traders, the people of cross section and civil society, etc. His public exposure in the city however remained quit thin. In the background of the present visit of Zardari the war of words between the PPP and the PML(N) leaders triggered after his address at Nodero on the occasion of the death anniversary of Banazir Bhutto stands eminently. The factor of Local Government election in the Punjab figures in this game in a big way. At the termination of the six years period of the local government set up created by Musharraf, a schism surfaced between the PPP and the PML(N) over holding of the local government election. The PPP-affiliated Governor led the voice for elections of the local bodies within three months while the PML(N) went to draft and approve an effective law on the subject as it has found a number of financial irregularities and corruption in the previous system, and under the administrative control, the government wanted to buy time to plug the loopholes whereof the system was vulnerable to corruption. However, the PPP on the other hand, did not want to give the PML(N) extra time than what was necessary to frame the law on LB believing that under the guise of administrators the other side would get a chance to firm up the toehold at the grass root and make it a jumping ground to sweep the general elections in Punjab. In observers views that President Zardari with well minded to this fact in his address to PIA employees had maintained about the transparency of the LB elections and to keep any manipulation out of their reach. The fact appears strongly striking the mind of Zardari that PPPs short strength in the Provincial Assembly had cost it much politically and in the next time they cannot afford to repeat the same or go lose their tally. As such the PPP would not like to let the PML(N) extract maximum in the local body election which is quite possible given the Muslim League vote-bank in Punjab, observers add. And this is what the observers view as the one of the prime objectives of the President visit for which he has also thrown a gauntlet on his political rivals for the next LB polls. The president visit is full of hopes and promises for the masses but unlike the past this time round, much of the PPP is staked with fulfillment of the same. And now it has to be seen whether Mr Zardari would make them good to give a boost to his party or once again relegate on the promises, which, in the observers view, may bring him loss in Punjab.