The province of Baluchistan continues to suffer primarily because of the extremely poor governance. In the tribal culture the parliamentary democracy has clearly become dysfunctional. The Chief Minister, who is not a Sardar himself is a weak person scared of the Baloch and Brahui Sardar’s sitting in his cabinet. This has become a disadvantage and has tied his hands as he cannot do anything without the consent of the ruling landlords called Sardars.’

He does not even sit at the head of a table lest the other attending Sardars get annoyed. His subservience towards his Sardar-ministers is the prime reason for ineffective governance in the province. The Chief Minister and Mr Jan Jamali, the Baluchistan Assembly Speaker, frequently refer to the ‘Angry Baloch’ and use words such as ‘negotiations’ with the insurgents, which emboldens the insurgents and criminals, according to gossip. This serves to loosen the government’s grip as well as the writ of the state. The reality is that the killings of settlers and security personnel, the bid to settle personal scores within sub-tribes, lootings, kidnappings, attacks on trains, waylaying buses and gross corruption in the shape of ghost-employees and fake projects have not stopped.

However, as compared to the last year, the overall law and order situation has marginally improved in the Baloch and Brahui areas possibly because the sitting Chief Minister’s team is not as corrupt as the previous more than 60-member team. Besides, the FC and police appear to be more efficient now. FC’s has successful raided and army’s important development projects, as well as various other initiatives for education have brought a revolution and induction of Baloch youth into the armed forces and other government departments are helping.

A perception is developing that the PML-N and PPP have arrived at a strategic compromise for not to uncover skeletons in each other’s cupboards. Chief Minister Dr Malik’s announcement for creating another half a dozen universities and medical colleges has been welcomed but the question is being asked as if his government is able to run the existing six universities and one medical college properly? Every other day the teachers are on strike asking for their salaries. The students and teachers, both are in the short supply. The present Education Department is poorly staffed and cannot manage the ordinary institutions much less the higher education or the vocational institutions. Ghost employees and political appointees have become the hallmark of the Baluchistan’s officialdom in every department.

The CM should be able to see that as his own party’s interest; the country cannot wait forever for the ‘angry’ to come onboard. The people are more optimistic about their future because of the mega projects underway in Baluchistan. The efficacy of FC and now the police has improved and they regularly apprehend criminals and uncover caches of explosives and arms. If the FC and police become more efficient, and the Levies can be replaced by the police, there may indeed, be peace in the province, in spite of the pacifist CM, disinterested PM and the traitors supported by CIA and RAW.


Dera Rojhan Jamali, January 16.