LAHORE: Alif Laila Book Bus Society in collaboration with USAID-small grants and ambassador’s fund program have provided library corners consisting of 1000 books in 100 government primary schools in districts Multan and Muzaffargarh.

A colorful mobile library visited additional 40 schools providing access to books in far off schools. A combination of library corners and a mobile library is used to show how different models can be applied for bringing children closer to books. It is part of strategy to foster a culture of reading and libraries in government primary schools.

To further strengthen the effort two unique interactive and hands-on workshops were held in each district of Multan and Muzaffargarh. 140 teachers in Multan and 130 teachers in Muazaffargarh from these schools attended the three-day workshops. The workshops focused on the significance of libraries in primary schools as well on using and managing a primary school library, classifying material and guiding teachers about measures directed at enabling children derive maximum benefit from books in a limited time period. The interactive activities also included fostering respect and love for books as well as integrating school curriculum with library books.

The teachers and the school heads greatly appreciated conducting this innovative workshop and requested these kinds of workshops should be held more often in the districts.–Staff Reporter