Talking about wedding planners, one can find thousands of event management companies who not only deal with it as a business but also make it a memorable experience for the clients. With the passage of time, this trend is becoming more and more popular.  Wedding by Alena Peerzada is also a Lahore based company spearheaded by creative entrepreneur Alena Peerzada. The company was launched very recently. After being commence in 2013, the company’s profile is nothing less than a success story. It provides diversity of bespoke concepts and services for all wedding related events including engagement parties, bridal showers, and wedding reception. Alena personally interacts with her clients to give them her very best by paying meticulous attention to each aspect of a wedding event from concept to décor, photography to video making, choreography to catering, to specialized outfits for the entire family. In this regard, Splus talked to Alena about her event management career and asked about her exciting experiences and ventures. Here are the excerpts.

Q: When did you begin your event management career?

I began my career in event management in the year 2001.

Q: What are some of the unique aspects of the company that distinguish it from the rest?

The unique aspect of our organization is that Rafi Peer’s portfolio of conducting and arranging mega events not only in Pakistan but also internationally. Over the last three decades, we have established a large infrastructure to facilitate all aspects of event management, logistics and developing creative content. I feel when we put our resources available to us towards weddings it means we can create almost anything that the client requires. To me this is the biggest edge we have over others.

Q: How is Weddings by Alena Peerzada at Peer Events different from Peer Events?

Peer Events is an events management company where we design events for corporate clients of all types and sizes. Weddings by Alena Peerzada is a division of Peer Events headed by me to specifically design and create thematic ambience and décor to bring together the perfect wedding that one has wished for.

Q: What is the company’s core philosophy/ideology?

At Peer Events our philosophy has always been that the sky is the limit. Our ideology is that large scale events must entertain the masses. Similarly for weddings we like to cater as one stop shop with all possible solutions to create a fairy tale wedding for our client.

Q: What are the some of the current wedding trends?

The current wedding trends are very theme-oriented these days. Everyone is trying to come up with themes to follow, which in my personal opinion is a trend that needs to be broken. I feel one need to concentrate on wedding activities, ambiance and decor in a more ‘feel good’ manner rather than restricting oneself to a theme specific event. 

Q: How many events you have arranged till yet? What challenges you had to face?

We have been arranging events for over three decades at Rafi Peer and Peer Events and my personal portfolio encompasses over 700 events to date! "Weddings" we launched this summer and I have arranged numerous weddings and I am looking towards more for this season. The idea behind launching this division is to bring our global event experience to your weddings and to work as wedding planners who serve as a one stop shop for your arrangements. I have been extremely lucky so far that all events have been executed very smoothly. Whereas challenges are concerned, I did feel nervous when we started out thinking it will be a challenge for me to work with families in such a personal capacity as my routine work is focused heavily on the corporate sector, but I have actually been overwhelmed working so closely with families and so far it’s been quite joyful. 

Q:  Where do you get your inspiration from?

Colour and Festivals is our expertise and my true inspiration drives from all the truly colorful visual experiences that we have created over 30 years. I have a strong connection and understanding of colour whether we use it in ambiance or decor or lighting. 

Q: What are some particular things which your clients demand?

It depends of individual family members really, fathers are more involved with food and timely delivery, mothers are more about the sequence of events and service the brides are into look and decor' but it is a different case to each family and individual. Families are clients one can never stereotype! They are to each their own and as event planners the real task is to be able to share their individual experience and actually feel and enjoy their moments as that truly is the only way you can deliver such a personal event to your fullest.

Q:  How do you manage to make the wedding a memorable occasion for your client? 

 I try and focus on making the entire event experience much more memorable and not just the look and theme. For me weddings can be made memorable only if all the aspects are catered to with precision and care. So far it’s worked and I hope I can manage to sustain the ‘feel good’ weddings and continue to deliver on making every wedding memorable in a unique fashion.

Q: What is the future plan for Weddings by Alena Peerzada at Peer Events?

There is a lot of fun stuff in the pipeline for us along with managing the event itself we are planning to provide complete wedding solutions from booking artistes, arranging special events around the big day, packaging gifts, specialized menus and specialized bride and groom accessories. There are also plans to cater to the international market. 

Q: Are there any plans of event management in other cities of Pakistan?

Peer Events has worked across 110 cities and locations in Pakistan on a regular basis so we are very well versed with the demographic of working across Pakistan. Weddings have so far been only in Lahore but we are open and well equipped to work in other cities.

Q: What is your favourite international event management company?

I have never really followed international event management companies! However, I have had the pleasure to work with a few but in a totally different context.

Q: How do you foresee the future Event Management in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years the situation of event management has deteriorated tremendously in Pakistan. Considering the work influx Peer Events Management had from 2005 to 2008 when, due to a boom of multi nationals’ conducting various brand activations nationwide kept us extremely busy, the years following that saw a huge drop in events due to the guidelines used by multinationals in wake of the security situation in Pakistan. We find ourselves now personally approaching brands pitching new creative ways of brand promotion which doesn't require large number of people being in an open space.