Recently, Punjab Public Service Commission decided to shortlist candidates on the basis of their academic record before appearing for the written tests. We, the students of rural areas condemn this policy on two grounds; firstly, majority of the student who belong to rural areas do not possess admirable academic record. However ,it is not our fault, everyone is aware of the deplorable state of education in rural areas. Therefore, we cannot compete with the students who studied in DPS, KIPS, FC or GC etc, as far as our academic record is concerned. Secondly, there is a difference of annual and semester system. Everyone knows that it is hard to get high percentage in semester system and the students who undergo this system are better prepared.

We have passed our exams after spending a lot of time and money and hope that such policies are discouraged which give rise to discrimination between the rural student and the city bred student. I would like to request the chief minister to annul this policy. Sir, we do not need a laptop nor are we looking for your loan scheme; we are only demanding quota in jobs for rural students. Our humble request is, just at least give us the right to compete on the basis of our present capabilities. Please don't point out our problems as we are the poor of this country who did not have easy access to education nor resources for a good education. Our policies should be realistic and should reflect our country and government.


Gujranwala, January 15.