LAHORE  - The government decision of reopening of CNG stations in provincial capital could not provided any relief to the public as more than 95 per cent gas stations remained shut amid severe shortage of fuel in city.

Almost all CNG stations in the provincial capital stayed shut despite the announcement of SNGPL to restore gas supply to the gas stations.

Long queues of vehicles were witnessed on 5 per cent CNG filling outlets which remained open on weekend.

Punjab government had decided to reopen CNG stations in Lahore as petrol shortage continued on seventh consecutive day, while commuters and transporters in other parts of Punjab continued to suffer due to non availability of fuel.

The commuters and motorists lamented the authorities concerned were silently watching as business doing people face daily losses worth billions. They criticised the government for its poor management and recklessness, causing severe shortage of petroleum products at a time when the public is already suffering due to 18 hours electricity loadshedding and unavailability of gas.

They said that when oil rates have been reduced by 50% in global market the PML-N regime cuts the price only by 25% per cent and now it is being sold in black market, giving free hand to the mafia to loot masses, he added.

They said that with extreme failure in recovery of electricity bills and circular debt of Rs262 billion, the inefficient government has exposed the PSO to the default of Rs50 billion of 6 local banks and the block of its L/Cs to Rs110 billion owing to which POL imports got alarmingly squeezed and stocks of petrol in Punjab got dried out.