Mirpurkhas, a division of Sindh and a land of peace was made into a resort for dacoits from upper Sindh. The city police, in co-operation with Hyderabad’s police, identified these dacoits and after identification the police raided the location. They moved inside carefully, not harming the women and children. It was a long dragged out combat which ended with all the dacoits being killed and 5 policemen embracing martyrdom, including 2 SHO’s. Their remarkable sacrifice was awarded by IGP Sindh Mr. Jamali, who later was present at their funeral. The martyrs were endowed Quaid-e-Azam award, usual compensations were given to the families plus their family members were recruited in police. This shows that we still have some officers who are loyal to the country and the oath that they take. All that government needs to do is to take serious measures to oust the corrupt from within.


Mirpurkhas, January 13.