Islamabad - A new Urdu book titled “Asnaaf-e-Adab” Tafheem-o-Tabeer written by eminent poet, researcher and scholar Dr Arshad Mahmood Nashad has been published.

National Book Foundation (NBF) has published the book, consists of 178 pages with a tag price of Rs120. The book speaks about all the basic shapes of Urdu literature like Hamd, Naat, Marsia, Qaseeda, Ghazal, poem, prose poetry, Haiku, Drama, Novel, Criticism, Light Essay, Short Stories, etc.  Asnaaf-e-Adab is a very useful, thought provoking and informative book  both for general readers of Urdu literature and M.A, M.Phil  and Ph.D students. In this sense it has got the status of a teacher.

It is a compilation of all the significant critical views and references of famous scholars/writers.

Dr Arshad Nashad is the author of 16  important books on different topics like “Atraaf-e- Tehqeeq”, Rung, Gian Namay, Punjabi Poets of Distt Attock, Ashlok, Chhachhi Boli, Makateeb-e-Rasheed Hassan khan etc.

At present he is a working Professor of Urdu Language & Literature at AIOU Islamabad. It is a mission of NBF to publish and provide useful, important and quality books to the readers at very low price.

This new book by Dr Arshad Nashad fulfills the main objectives of NBF and helps all those Research Scholars who want to write MPhil & PhD thesis. The members of NBF Readers Book Club may have this book at 55 per cent discount.