China’s Communist Party has been trumpeting the successes of its corruption campaign with great zeal, and history is a testament to the fact that when China decides it will do something, it will give an arm and a leg to achieve it (or take an arm and a leg). The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) for the Chinese Communist Party has been punishing party members as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive. The campaign targets “extravagance, formalism and bureaucratism”. It requires that officials take simple transportation, avoid banquets, and “learn from the masses.” It has disciplined 71,748 cadres, and “severely disciplined” 23,646 after large-scale investigations.

Anti corruption is not the only thing China is making strides in, they are cracking down on minorities as well, especially the Uighurs. This is a direct consequence of President Barack securing a UN Security Council resolution requiring nations to prevent their citizens from traveling abroad to participate in acts of terrorism to counter the phenomenon of foreign fighters in Syria. But human rights groups feared that countries such as China might use the measure to crack down on their minorities.

The police has announced the arrest of ten Turks and two Chinese citizens accused of providing doctored passports to a group of nine ethnic Uighurs attempting to travel to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria. Uighurs hail mostly from the Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang, where Beijing has imported millions of Han Chinese in an attempt to solidify its rule there. There are reports that the government has used torture, murder, and re-education camps, to brutally repress Islam in the region. But there is also evidence that Uighur separatists have carried out terrorist attacks in China and have travelled to Syria and joined up with radical Islamists. Beijing might use the threat of terrorism from these groups to justify a broad campaign of widespread repression.

Though the two campaigns are different in nature, they show the resolve of the Communist Party to reassert its dominance. This is a purging of the Communist Party, much like in the time of Mao. What was called a “Cultural Revolution” then, today is an Anti-Corruption drive. And going after Muslim minorities is nothing new, though it is seldom reported in the media here. While the Muslims of the world are distracted by silly cartoon images, real repression prevails in countries like China, Iran, Nigeria and Iraq, but the enemies here are too big to protest against and too powerful to fight with.