It does not takes rocket science to understand why an artificial petrol shortage has been created. It is expected that people in the Ministry of Petroleum and OGRA are in high positions so that they can plan and execute such tasks. How come that the default in payment, by the state institutions and business houses to PSO. Has come at a time when the petrol prices have gone down and the common man could have had some benefit? Is this another failure of the governance? PM Nawaz is responsible, for it is he who selected these wizards and gave them responsibilities for which they either have no capability, or have no priority, being too busy in other ventures. There are accepted international norms and ethics such as ‘Conflict of Interest’ whose enforcement is essential for good governance. Regulatory control is one of the most vital constitutional functions of any government. Unfortunately regulation and public interest is bound to be a casualty if those appointed to regulate are choice of traders for whom profit alone is sole objective. Fate and destiny cannot be blamed, when greed for power and money is defiantly dominant in deciding policies and future of a nation.


Lahore, January 16.