The Sindh government has constituted a new company titled North Sindh Urban Services Corporation (NSUSC) to improve the infrastructure and ensure provision of efficient service deliveries in the field of water supply, drainage, sanitation and solid waste management. Initially this pilot project was introduced in Sukkur old, Sukkur new, Rohri, Shikarpur, Khairpur and Larkana. Now the residents of these cities are facing problems such as choked sewerage lines, overflowing gutters, heap of garbage on the main roads and acute shortage of drinking water. The defective sewerage and drainage system has played havoc with lives of residents. People of Shikarpur are suffering the most, Sukkur is also facing lack of water. This is another sign of this failing government, that appoints incompetent people, with large salaries to head such projects, who have no idea or knowledge of how to deal with it. It is sheer negligence by the management of the NSUSC at all levels. There is need to install a proper sanitary and sewerage system to improve these unhealthy conditions and to protect the people, especially children from various critical diseases.


Shikarpur, Sindh, January 13.