Tuba Elahi - How we can synchronise our education system with those considered best across the globe?

Under the success and ontogeny of all the developed countries, there are sound pillars of education. Looking for grandness of these pillars, all the roaring countries amended their education policies with exalted spacing, while in Pakistan education policies are not acknowledged that some importance because Pakistan is considered as one of the under-developed countries.

The importance of education is undeniable for every single person. It goes without saying that education has a positive effect on human life.

Transformations in education practice around the world are remarkable, education becomes institutionalised worldwide and its validity is unquestioned; as an institution it is universally standardised to socialise individual citizen for the collective progress of the nation, and now, the world as a whole.

Why we are unable to attract foreign students whereas our own are moving with the pace?

It is because our education system is considered as not up to their mark. Policies are not properly implemented whereas the policies themselves are full of deficiencies.

Knowing the immense importance of education to keep “our world synchronised with the rest of the world” we still are ignorant of the fact that education as an x factor connects us with the developed countries of the world making our down trodden economy to boost up.

The super powers of the world considering this fact that education helps bridging them with other countries contribute much of their GDP to education where else Pakistan contributes a minimal percent of its total GDP to education. It seems as if the government doesn’t bat an eye on the importance of education as globalisation!

If still our current condition does not bring the attention towards education, I wonder what will!

 (The writer is PU Lahore student).