Pak-US strategic dialogue is an important focus for Pakistan and the second edition of the dialogue began in Islamabad this week. US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Pakistan to discuss matters of mutual interest at this forum. The dialogue covers energy, security strategic stability and non-proliferation, the Defense Consultative Group, law enforcement and counter terrorism, economics and finance which are discussed through working groups.

The Prime Minister spoke to Secretary Kerry and appreciated the progress in working groups. While the two sides are focused on taking the bilateral relationship forward the specific focus is on promotion of trade and energy sector cooperation. The Prime Minister wants greater market access for Pakistani products and also wants US investment in Pakistan. A Business Opportunities Conference will be held in March this year in Islamabad and hopefully US investors would be taking full advantage of it.

Partnership with USA is of utmost importance and we must focus on improving our relations. A visit by US President Obama might pave the way for greater ties and it is possible Secretary Kerry might discuss that too.


Lahore, January 14.