Who pushed the Indian government to install 15,000 CCTVs for US President Barack Obama? Interestingly, the US even asked Pakistan to prevent any cross-border terror incident during the upcoming trip. After all, he is an American president. He deserves limousines and a high-tech helicopter. Eight out of the top ten richest people on earth are Americans. Regardless of his performance as head, he deserves some luxury. He is not worried about queues at petrol stations. He is not answerable to a city where militants massacred over 130 children. He is not from a state looking for foreign aid. He didn’t ask students to wait for electricity to read lessons. He wasn’t soft when it came to sovereignty at borders. He also wasn’t given a slogan “Go Obama Go” for fixing the elections. He also doesn’t hold a passport declared third worst for international travel.

But look at the taste of these amazing hypocrites fond of protocols, one after the other. The question is, “Who will snatch away private jets from these monsters hiding their shameless faces behind tinted glass of SUVs?” And more importantly, “Who made them VIPs?”

Undesirably, Pakistan is a country where the poor pay the tax and bigwigs travel the world. Also, it’s normal to invite an illiterate chief guest at convocation and abnormal not to have fake degrees in the National Assembly. New roads are seen as a blessing here, a sign of progress. The so-called leaders then enjoy long motorcades, wasting millions with an excuse of weak internal security. I would have appreciated their royal lifestyle, had they defended every inch of Pakistan at international forums. Had they made Pakistan secure for an ordinary man, I would have praised their lavishness. Despite tall claims about adopting simplicity, they never put a full stop to their hunger.

Seriously, it’s absurd to vote for their cowardice. It’s clumsy to give them power again. It’s reckless to trust their words. And it’s time we hold them accountable. Otherwise, luxury knows no bound.