LAHORE- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will not be closing its office in New Delhi, Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Sher Ali Khan told a private TV channel today.

Indian authorities had issued a legal notice to PIA to shut its office in New Delhi. In the notice, India officials alleged that the property for PIA office was purchased illegally. Sher Ali Khan said all legal formalities were completed, when the property was purchased in 2005. He added that the matter would be resolved according to the law.

Indian authorities have also not extended the visas of Pakistan’s national carrier staff and issued orders for Station Manager Saeed Ahmed to leave New Delhi. Foreign Office spokeswoman Tasneem Aslam said, the issue of visas for PIA employees in India would be resolved soon. She added that PIA had been directed to initiate litigation on the property issue.

Pakistan High Commission sources said PIA staff was being harassed by Indian agencies and the purpose of this drive was to shut Pak-India flight operations. At present PIA is running two flights weekly from Lahore to New Delhi, and if operation is closed, passengers will have to travel through Wagah Border.