LAHORE - Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has termed the demands of Imran Khan illogical , saying how the government can dictate Supreme Court for formation of judicial commission to probe into the alleged rigging in general election.
“The government has already written letter to the Supreme Court for the formation of judicial commission but we cannot dictate the apex court,” said the minister while addressing a ceremony after inaugurated the construction of a road near Walton Railway Station on Sunday. The road would be constructed with a cost of Rs100 million and traffic flow at Walton Road would be smooth after its completion.
He indirectly blamed the ministry of petroleum for fuel crisis. He said the ministry should arrange the stock keeping in view the demand and supply situation. The responsible of fuel crisis would not be spared and the issue would be taken in the cabinet, he held, adding the long queues for petrol were matter of shame for PML-N government.
Four officers have been suspended on shortage of petrol while PM has also directed to hold inquiry in this regard, he added.
He also lauded the improvement in different sections of the railways. The minister said the railways has oil reserves of fourteen days and in past it was not so.
He said that "we have to work day and night to overcome problems for achieving desired results".   
Saad Rafique said that a project of Bab-e-Pakistan would soon be started, adding that play ground, jogging track, state-of-the-art park and monument would also be constructed and all these facilities would attract people.
He said that historical importance of Bab-e-Pakistan would be highlighted and experts were extending their cooperation.