A:     Sadiq, why do you stay up so late? I received a text message from you at 5 am! I’m sure you didn’t wake up for Fajr.
S:     Yes, but I knew you would be up praying and would reply. I get my best ideas in the wee hours.
A:     It’s an epidemic with our generation, being nocturnal.
S:     Yes, my grandparents are appalled. My father still disapproves. Why, I don’t understand. I’m not hurting anybody from sleeping in on weekdays.
A:     In my house there is no such thing as sleeping in. Yesterday, I showed up to lunch in my pyjamas since it was a Saturday and my grandfather was actually upset. He can’t stand scruffiness and disorder.
S:     I understand many things of our elders, like forcing us to pray, or making sure we marry, or telling us to use the phone less and be attentive… but how to dress, how to shave, when to wake up… that’s a little to intrusive! I’ve seen my parents compromise on their lifestyle so much due to their parents. When I was small, my mother would take off her heels when walking into the house in case my parents came late, just so my grandparents would not complain in the morning that they were out so late!
A:     My parents went through a lot of the same things. But they also imposed structure on me and I have been better for it.
S:     Maybe that’s why you’re so rigid in you beliefs. It’s because you’re early to bed and early to rise, and have the delusion that you’re healthy, wealthy and wise.
A:     And maybe if you went to bed earlier and work up when the sun was still out you’d actually be healthier and get a lot more done. It's about being productive and utilising time. And you really do need some vitamin D. You're looking awfully pale lately.
S:     That may well be true, but I make sure that my work doesn’t suffer. I think the only price I pay is missing out on breakfast. As Banksy said, "People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine."
A:     Well don’t say that in front of your grandfather, or there really will be war, death and famine.