Islamabad - Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Maroof Afzal chaired a meeting on Sunday held at CDA Head quarters to review the steps taken by the Authority to control the wastage of water and litter thrown on roads and streets of the federal capital.

According to the claim of CDA, the meeting was attended by Member Environment Syed Mustafain Kazmi, Director General Civic Management and officers of the relevant formations of the Authority. Chairman CDA Maroof Afzal said that water is a precious gift and basic need of our life and its unnecessary use and wastage is rejection of blessing. He said that water flowing in the streets not only cause environmental pollution but also damage the roads which ultimately affect the natural beauty of Islamabad.  He directed the Environment Wing of CDA to expedite the campaign against the water wastage as well as littering in the streets and on roads.

Member Environment apprised the chairman CDA that Environment Wing has constituted special teams, which are issuing notices to the people involved in wastage of water as well as those who are involved in throwing garbage in the streets and on roads.

The chairman CDA apprised that the violators are being served with the notices by the teams of Sanitation Directorate under the Municipal Bylaws - 1969 to discourage the practice of water wastage and littering in the streets. In this regard, teams of Sanitation Directorate have issued notices to 300 people in different sectors of the city for wasting water.

He further apprised that challans of 75 people who repeatedly involved in water wastage have been sent to CDA Magistrate so that fined could be imposed and other necessary action in accordance with law could be initiated against them.  

In order to ensure effective monitoring these teams are working in shifts so that wastage of water could not only be controlled but action could be taken against the violators, he further informed.

Maroof Afzal said that Islamabad is city blessed with natural beauty and landscape, however flowing of water on streets and garbage thrown in the streets and roads affects its beauty.

The chairman CDA appealed to the residents of the federal capital to comply with the CDA Municipal Bylaws and do not waste drinking water. He further urged and requested the residents to use water bucket while washing their cars instead of tap, not to uses access water for gardening so that its flowing on the roads could be controlled.

He further appealed to the residents to avoid wastage of water while washing cloths and for other domestic uses as it is not only our moral duty but a religious obligation.