The election board set up for the annual election of District Press Club Khanewal announced interim cabinet for the press club.

According to Election Board chairman Rao Muhammad Sarwar, Sajid Pervaiz of Baithak media group has been made president of District Press Club and Shafqat Ali Shah of Senior Working Journalists group has been made a general secretary.

Similarly, Sajid Ali Khan has been named as finance secretary, Abdul Waheed Imrana as senior vice president and Chaudhry Khalid vice president.

Syed Hammad Shah, Anjum Basheer, Tahir Naseem, Rashid bin Ameer, Sarwar Ali Rao, Raza Qadri and Nadeem Mughal have named as executive members of the interim cabinet.

All the senior members of the district press club Khanewal unanimously approved the cabinet.

This cabinet will make reforms in the memorandum of the DPC and will resolve the issue of membership. It will also prepare a consensus list of voters for the annual election of the press club.