The mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandit community has extensively been discussed since this unfortunate incident unfolded in the 90s. It has been exploited for petty political gains and the state has been polarized. The false propaganda from both Muslim fundamentalists of the Valley and Saffron brigade of India has solidified to the extent that the real history has been distorted. The young generation of both communities have been fed with garbage-churned falsified-facts marked with intoxication of hatred. This has not only deepened the alienation but has also given a major blow to Kashmiryat, for which we Kashmiris have been known.

Nobody has the guts to call a spade a spade and as Kashmiri Muslims we must take the moral responsibility for this exodus since it was our duty to ensure the safety of the minority community which is enshrined in our religion and culture.

Contrary to this, we have been either biased, more concerned with our fellow Muslims or too fearful to speak out. For, we did not speak out. Or maybe our conscience died... Our mosques were used to harass our neighbors, our religious sentiments were misused to expel our neighbors from their native places and we passionately or tactically endorsed it. Since then decades have passed but we are yet to shake our conscience and are still in denial of accepting the  unaltered truth.

Why this denial? Are we fearful? If yes, then whom do we fear? If there's no fear then why make propaganda out of this and let the fundamentalists of both communities succeed? Sometimes I ask myself: are we not hypocrites? I have discussed this issue with fellow Muslims a lot and most of them feel the same pain that I feel.

Then why don't they speak out loudly to drown the shouts of miscreants? The reason must definitely be fear. The day we overcome this fear and speak against each atrocity irrespective of color, creed, religion, gender etc, we will liberate ourselves and exonerate the burdens from our shoulders which has incarcerated us. What is this burden? It is of course a misinterpretation of our religion which has made us bound to serve the cause of musketeers.

Being Muslims we wholeheartedly say "we fear God only". If so, then why not eschew from the blame game which has made us blind and irrational. God says in the Quran "I am truth" and the truth is Pandits were killed, forced to leave their homes. We cannot deny the fact that loudspeakers reverberated with the following slogans..

          "O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir, any one wish to stay has to get converted to Islam, O! Muslims, Arise, O! Kafirs, scoot, Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life, Kashmir will become Pakistan, Islam defines our relationship with Pakistan”.

The popular notion which rules our minds is that, the then governor Jagmohan's conspiracy drew them out of Kashmir; but there is another untold story behind it. Firstly, there were already reported killings and sloganeering prior to the arrival of Jagmohan. Secondly, if it was Jagmohan's conspiracy, we could and perhaps should have proved that by shielding their belongings when they left. What should we have done? We should have at least safeguarded their properties, but contrary to this, we looted it and sold their taps, electricity wires and window locks separately. If this would not have occurred, maybe we could have been in a position to blame Jagmohan.

There is also a complete monopoly of elite Kashmiri Pandits who have not only sidelined the majority of this minority community but has also muzzled their voices and exploited their “sense of fear”. The magnified reflection of such monopoly is apparent when Govt. of India announced separate colonies for Kashmiri Pandits. If you ask each individual of this minority community and I am sure, barring a few elite groups, everyone would prefer to come back and live with us.

In conclusion, I request every Kashmiri Muslim to think just for 10 minutes when they are cool and enjoying their farming, what could be a calamity worse than leaving the paradise called Kashmir and struggling in the scorching heat of India? Can you leave Kashmir, your land, your own home, your own memories? 

I know we cannot return them what they lost, but still we can make a difference if we invite them back with open hearts and minds and try to rectify our deeds, so that they can start to trust us again. Surely God will reward us for standing by the truth as God has promised.

I hope a day will come when we Kashmiri Muslims openly come out and welcome our Pandit brothers to Kashmir. That day, the social body of Kashmir will completely recover it's lost soul and start afresh.