Some persons including the scribe have been writing letters for KBD since a quarter of a century, but the political masters have paid little attention to the dire need of KBD for the economic prosperity of the nation. It appears a seal has been set on the hearts and minds of politicians by the Providence so as to be deaf and dumb on the issue of KBD.

As such I have decided not to write any more to draw the attention of rulers to KBD as one former Prime Minister had already declared that KBD was made a victim of politics in the country. When any reason does not appeal to people, it is their destiny to meet the ends of their stubborn opposition to a nation building project by denying storage of water in a dam for not only cheap power generation but also to provide irrigation water. As such it is no use to press them. When people become insensitive to their needs it is their fate to meet dismal failure. Allah Almighty has said in the Holy Quran that He does not change conditions of people unless and until they change it themselves.

It appears it is in our destiny to suffer from load shedding and water deprivation for decades due to our collective failure to be grateful to Allah Almighty for the gift of sweet water bestowed on us in the form of rivers. It is said that the people who waste water are equated to brothers of Satan. We do waste water to the tune of 32 MAF each year into the sea. What more would be rank ingratitude to Allah’s gift of sweet water.


Lahore, December 15.