Unemployment in Pakistan is becoming raging problem in our country.In Pakistan, unemployment is very high and also the resources are being wasted and that has led to a decrease in people’s income.

One of the reasons behind this problem is that unemployment in public sector is increasing more rapidly because most of the people consider government jobs over getting a job in private firms. As there are not many government firms that’s why less government jobs are being served. Government jobs are considered safer then private jobs because of their employment’s terms. People who have job in private firms feel not confident about their position as they can be fired anytime which is opposite in government firm because they are provided with a permanent position in their company. Apart from it many people like to do that kind of job that matches their qualification which is becoming so hard to find in private firms or maybe in government sector too. For that reason they prefer going aboard and having a job which at least match their skills. In that rate if we are losing our skillful and highly educated people who our moving from here to there as they are providing them better opportunities than us then we are definitely collapsing the chance of our country’s development and economy which is kind of big reason behind Pakistan’s backwardness.


Karachi, December 8.