MULTAN-Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi alleged that PTI Chief Imran Khan invested Zakat money and hospital funds in his offshore companies, and challenged the latter to a public debate on the issue.

In a news conference here at Multan Press Club, he also said that Imran had also asked the former to defend the step. He issued a challenge to Imran Khan to take part in public debate on the issue of offshore companies.

“I’ll prove him a liar,” he claimed. He said that he was ashamed of his act of defending Imran Khan’s investment. He said that he insulted Kh Asif in a TV show on Imran Khan’s instigation and he felt sorry for his this deed. Hashmi denied that he asked for meetings with former Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk and Gen Tariq. “Two Chief Justices have kissed my hands. I consider them sacred. Why on earth will I defame them? How can I talk against judiciary?” he exclaimed.

He asked Imran Khan to come and sit in front of him and he would prove Khan a liar. Hashmi said that he was the person who received salute from all four chiefs in the assembly.

He suggested to Imran Khan not to swear on Quran on Panama Leaks as the case was in the Supreme Court. “If he is confident that he is not telling lies, he should not swear on Quran. Soon everything will become clear and transparent,” he added. He said that he never talked against army or judiciary, rather whatever he heard from Imran Khan, he said before the media. He claimed that Imran Khan had told him that “they” wanted us to move forward from the sit-in site. “Imran Khan told me that the successor of Chief Justice Tassaduq Jillani will dissolve the assembly and the country will come under Supreme Court rule for 90 days. Then elections will be held and we’ll win,” he added. He said that when he asked how would PTI arrange candidates in such a short time, Imran Khan said that if the party granted ticket to a poll, it would win. “I am ready to come to Bani Gala, if Imran Khan answers these statements in my presence,” he challenged the PTI Chairman again.

Hashmi accused Imran Khan of selling party tickets. “He (Khan) got 30 or 40 million rupees from a corrupt patwari and gave him provincial assembly ticket. I was the only person who asked Imran Khan not to do this,” he maintained.

He said that he always defended constitution during his 50 year long political career. “When Qamar Zaman Kaira claimed that the parliament was saved by the PPPP, I corrected him that it was my resignation that saved this parliament,” he insisted. To a question, he said that neither Nawaz Sharif nor any of his men contacted him. “That’s why I have not contacted them either,” he added.