Marriage is a happy custom celebrating the union of two people in different ways by people all over the world. Such a beautiful period of life can also turn into a despicable one like in the case of early marriages. Indubitably, early marriage has been one of the most highlighted issues in Pakistan, especially in the rural parts of the country.

Furthermore, there are many social, economic, educational, physical and religious impacts of an early marriage in one’s life. One of the main causes of early marriages, that overshadows all others, is the deprivation of education. Family problems, that prove to be troublesome and cannot be solved easily, may arise. Most of the NGOs and other Human Rights reports categorically expose that girls from the age of 12 to 13 are married off in the rural areas of Pakistan.

Moreover, it can impact the life of a girl in a negative manner. They are also more likely to not explore the few employment opportunities that they are offered and the option to gain a higher education is thrown out the window as the pressure to fulfil responsibilities comes upon their heads.

It is reported, scientifically, that in most of the cases women get red-light –a serious risk during pregnancy.

The media is one of the most prominent pillars for awareness of all affairs of the globe. Such issues of early marriages must be highlighted by the media repeatedly. It is time for the government to provide some platforms of awareness in rural areas. NGOs work efficiently to make them aware of many destructive health-care problems. They ought to also consider early marriage issues. There should be proper guidance and repercussions for parents who force their children to marry in early life. Laws should also be exercised practically.


Shikarpur, December 10.