Federal Railways Minister and senior PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafiq has appealed the supreme court to take notice of comments  being made outside over its observations, remarks and questions during the proceeding of the Panamapapers case.

Talking to media persons outside the supreme court on Thursday, he said through these interaction with the media, character assassination of each other must stop. He said the PML-N would take the lead and not speak after the court proceedings on Friday. However if the PTI did not stop this , the PML-N would restart interaction with the media. He said it is not appropriate to give lectures after the court proceedings and stressed that the politicians and the media should not become judges.

The Railways Minister said the politicians should avoid vitiating the atmosphere in the country. He said Imran Khan forces them to adopt a harsh language  because he levels baseless allegations  and they just respond to them.

He said he regretted his remarks about Sheikh Rashid yesterday. He pointed out that hundreds of thousands of people remit their earnings to their families back home. Similarly Hussain Nawaz sent to the money to his father.

To a question, Kh Saad Rafiq said that Benazir Bhutto was a big leader and the void created by death has not been filled yet.

Federal Minister for Water and Power Kh Asif said the PTI leaders were making wrong interpretations of the court proceedings. He said it is unconstitutional and illegal to comment on the observations of the Judges.

He said Hussain Nawaz is sending remittances through banks and these are duly  mentioned in the tax returns.

Kh Asif said the enemies of the country do not want Pakistan to reach its destination which was promised by the PML-N in its 2013 elections manifesto. He said the PTI is scared that if the PML-N delivered on its commitments, its victory would be irreversible. “ PML-N will not go and they (Opposition) will stay back” the Minister remarked.

The Water and power Minister said by December, 2017 they will remove darkness from the country as there would be no loadshedding.