LAHORE - Turab Hassan Haider, a National College of Arts graduate, has blended nature with technology, reaching to people through his time lapse video project ‘Sublime’ on Hunza’s sky with full of stars.

“The journey was absolutely not an easy one. Once you reached Hunza, then the real test of nerves is started. When you see the sky full of stars like and you feel it was floating just over your head, that is the time when you capture the moment in camera or simply in eyes,” Turab told The Nation. Turab, after having four year degree from NCA’s Film and Art Department, presented his thesis at Undergrad Degree Show 2016 at NCA yesterday.

The project is divided into Sublime one and Sublime two. Sublime one is time lapse of 9 hour night view of Hunza’s sky full of stars which he captured in his Nikon camera. “To make a 9 hours time lapse, I have to work very hard. These stars were recorded in my camera at Borith Lake near a village near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza.”

“I did not sleep during those hours, only kept on checking the camera settings. All I wanted was to convey the message that nature is beautiful. We are so much engaged in our urban lifestyles. This needs to be changed,” Turab said. “Most importantly, my camera and I were alone to watch the beautiful sky at that night.”

Turab’s Sublime II consists upon several video clips captured through his camera and it was screened in six mobile phones in the area allocated for its project. “These are people’s phones. I want people to see the scenic nature’s beauty. To highlight this, I have used the technology of android phones blending technology with nature.”

Other part of Sublime II is captured at Indus River near Rahim Yar Khan.

“People are very much indulged in urban lifestyle. If by any means people are not visiting these places, through my project they would have a better view of scenic beauty and Hunza’s sky full of stars.” “Technology did play an important role in completion of my project. My camera got a special function to record time lapse. It was all praised to modern technology which is continuously evolving those records the nature’s wonders and presented it for people.

“I have seen many documentaries and videos on national Geographic Channel and on Youtube which assisted me to complete my project,” he added.