When news regarding a plane crash involving Junaid Jamshed were circulating, I thought it to be a rumour. I switched on the TV and was proven wrong. He along with his wife and other 45 people were no more with us. From the day of this incident different pieces of news regarding this unlucky incident are circulating. Politicians were claiming that those types of airplanes ATR are not allowed to fly in mountainous areas like Quetta, Chitral, Gilgit and Swat. News about the pilots, Captain Saleh Janjua and Aly Akram, penned down their complaint about the engine. 

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is infamous for its previous accidents with statistics that show that their aircrafts have met 76 accidents in past 29 years, claiming more than 1000 lives. There need to be some serious action against such incidents so that it can be controlled. Fair investigations should be held as the irresponsibility of the company, is not a reason for the justification for any incident which claims the lives of innocent people. Caution is better than regret. 


Karachi, December 11.