I have experienced many times that when institutions grant holidays at the end of December, there is no as such foggy and cold weather but when they are open in the first week of January, the weather becomes super cold that results in the creation of logjams not only for students but also for everybody. Such dense foggy weather destined to disrupting routine life in many ways, especially for students. As it also causing accidents of the school vans and rikshaws due to poor visibility early in the morning, students health also suffers, due to freezy hands students are unable to write, especially suffers students in exams for late coming and also results in a great number of staff absentees.

In daily routine, such thickening of fog blanket also causing several road accidents, a woman was killed, and three people sustained severe injuries when an ambulance hit with a tractor trolley in Chishtian Road in Bahawalnagar, three motorcyclists get bruises in Narowal, and four passengers lost lives on Chichawatni Road. Disruption of flights and closing of motorways all are the aftermath of prevailing foggy weather. It has been noted that such cold and dry weather is mostly expected in January. So institutions should schedule holidays when this type of weather conditions prevails for avoiding critically impacted life.


Lahore, January 3.