Medicines and life-saving drugs logically are the mere source to fight against various and horrible diseases. Medicine may only put someone in satisfaction of recovery, when someone is victimized of a dangerous malady, but recent report of increase in prices of life-saving drugs and medicine has through and through stunned those people who may hardly make their three times meals.

Agreeably to current report, after the approval of federal government DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) increased 9 to 15 percent in prices of medicines, which is pretty queer for poors. DRAP notification said that owning to highly reduction in prices of rupees compelled us to take the steps of increasing the prices of medicines. 30 percent increase of dollar in one year is also a focul factor. 50 percent local industry were closed on account of importing raw materials from chaina, which had maintained the price of life-saving drugs and medicines. Now it has became the most pressing task for poor to recover themselves by medicines. Hence, it is humbly appealed to the Federal minister for health and administration of health to take reasonable action for the reduction in prices of life-saving drugs and medicines in the shortest possible time so that poor can buy them.


Lahore, January 12.


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