KARACHI - The Karachi University has more than 450 PhD faculty members which is the highest number of scholars among all institutions of the higher education in Sindh.

In last couple of years, Karachi University has improved its ranking but we still have to work hard to reach at the topmost position not only in the province or country but in the region.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan on Friday. He was addressing a graceful ceremony organised to celebrate the Orientation Day in front of the New Administration Building.

Earlier, the procession led by the KU VC Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan, President Unikarians International Professor Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi, President Arts Council Ahmed Shah, the Registrar, deans, chairmen, members Senate and Syndicate, faculty members, non-teaching staff and newcomer students along with Huffaz-e-Quran entered the campus from its Silver Jubilee Gate.

Professor Dr Shakeel Farooqui, while comparing, briefed the audience about the history of shifting of Karachi University from old location to existing place. He also highlighted the importance of the day and shared moments of glorious past of Karachi University.

While welcoming the newcomers at the campus, KU VC Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan expressed that those countries which have invested heavily in science and technology sectors for two to three decades and adopted serious measures in education sector are now enjoying the status of successful and developed nations.

He shared that being the largest university of the country, people have lot of expectations from us and we have to deliver the best which is only possible when we all work together. Despite severe financial crisis, Karachi University is progressing well in right direction and if sufficient funds are provided to the University of Karachi then its performance would enhance further.

“Regardless the financial issues, the faculty members are busy conducting research which should be appreciated at every level. This University has played a major role in making our professional lives and we must give credit to Karachi University for what we are today.”

He asked the newcomer students to focus on their studies and try to implement what they would learn at the University to eradicate poverty and play their role in bringing meaningful changes in Pakistan.

He also acknowledged the participation of the Unikarians International and said that tradition has been set now in collaboration with the alumni association of the University of Karachi.

The President, Unikarians International, Professor Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi, expressed those former students of Karachi University, who are now enjoying successful status due to their association with the University, should come forward and help their alma mater.

“On behalf of the Unikarians, I have promised to give new educational block at the department of chemistry and now today with the grace of Almighty Allah, we are going to inaugurate it.” He observed that newcomer students are lucky to have best faculty and facilities available for them and with the guidance of their teachers and administration they could have wonderful future.  

Meanwhile, the President Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, while recalling his yesteryears at Karachi University, advised the students to avail the opportunity to take advantages of modern technology which was not available during his study life.

“In past, Bagdad was the center of knowledge and Muslims scholars were known for their work, they have worked in various fields of arts and science, including mathematics, chemistry, physics and medicines but with passage of time, they started losing interest in education due to which their legacy remains no more.”

He said that we all must remember that only those nations have progress well which have taken keen interest in adopting and implementing education among their people. “I would like to work in education and health sector and education would be my first choice.”

He further said that Islam is the most practical religion in the world and it has also given maximum rights to the minorities. We must learn that tolerance is essential for us and we should have the ability to express ourselves without forcing our thoughts and ideology on others.

Later on, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, KU, organizes a pictorial exhibition on account of Youm-e-Jamia in the Arts Lobby and Auditorium.

The Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, KU, Professor Nasreen Aslam Shah, mentioned that the exhibition entitled: Jamia Karachi humari nazar main (The University of Karachi: the way we see it) was organized by the second years students of Department of Social Works, KU.

She said that the objective of holding such exhibition was to promote and highlight the historic buildings and aspects of Karachi University. “It was a little effort by the students to express their gratitude, which was appreciated by teachers and students, who have seen those pictures.”