No society can survive without having a conducive environment for social cohesion and equal citizenship rights. In fact, this is all about the human rights, which provides mankind peace of mind and liberty to survive respectfully in the jungle of the social animals. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been portrayed world over as a non-cohesive society in recent past, just because of terrorism and religious extremism that has faded out now.  Although, our country as a state strictly follows all charters and declaration of human rights and equal citizenship of different sects and minorities as well, but the real and positive image of Pakistan does need to be projected through the NGOs and the other opinion leading organisations.

Recently I attended a 3 day training Workshop organised by Bargad, a non-profit organisation to promote “Social Cohesion and Equal Citizenship” among the youth of Pakistan. This training workshop was comprised of different sessions to highlight and discuss the different societal issues. More than 30 universities all over Pakistan participated in this conference, students from different lifestyles and different mindsets interacted with each other. Bargad amalgamated the cultures, the people from all 4 provinces of Pakistan in once chain to promote harmony and peace. The most peculiar perspective of this conference which forced me to share my experience with public is that, it changed my scenario of thinking, my mind and my views. It opened different spheres of my mind to think, to act and to implement out of the box ideas. The most important key which I learnt from this workshop is that, through unity we can achieve, we can formulate peace and harmony. In our school life, we all read the story, “Union is strength” but we never implemented its high moral in our lives, but in that training I practically saw the implementation of this concept in one of our sessions, which was conducted by Mr. Khurram Shehzad, a real inspiration, the hidden asset of Pakistan in my point of view. He asked us to contrive different images by using our bodies and divided all participants into 2 groups. He further asked us to add audio animations in those images, that session proved to be an agent of change in myself and I started thinking at broader level to revolutionize my tiny little world first and then my society.

On the 2nd day, we discussed the status of Human Rights and the charter of UDHR under the supervision of Ms. Nabila Hakim, former member of Punjab Assembly in the first session. The discussion was very enlightening and informative, it pondered upon the importance and implementation of human rights. In the second session Mr. Usman Akhtar, Project Coordinator of Bargad entertained us with a documentary based upon the preservation of historical relics. After watching this documentary, heart-rending feelings seized my heart and at this point I came to know that I and my culture are close companions to each other, we are travelling together, we are developing together, and we should always remain together without any discrimination on the basis of Hindu and Pakistani names. We should embrace the differences peacefully because these differences are the beauty of our culture.

Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan, a famous peace activist and Dr Najam us Sehar from Riphah International University Islamabad were the speakers and trainers for 3rd day. The session managed by them was very diverse and indelible, because they contemplated us to think what we have done to ourselves? Our society? And our country? After this session, I thought that there is a need to develop our relation with the past, the revolution of past. In our past, we can see that every religion incites the message of peace and love because “Hukmarani sirf mohabbat ki hai” (The good governance is governed by love only). I believe through good virtues and love we can attain any aim, any ambition and any change in our society. Our forefathers taught us to think positivity with our hearts but we started thinking negativity with our minds. We disconnected ourselves from the beauty of hearts, nature, love and unity.

In the last session we decided our Social Action Projects (S.A.P) to practically implement what we have learnt through this workshop. They asked us to complete our SAP by the end of 2018. In this way we welcomed the New Year by spreading love and goodness among the creation of Allah. These three days, enhanced my inner beauty and helped me in becoming a good human being. It provided me with a cause and gave meaning to my dedicated philanthropic journey of struggle and hard work. I believe in serving humanity and love among the creation of Allah Almighty. The hospitality and affection which we received in these three days is commendable and worth-mentioning here are the names of Ms. Rabiya Dar, Project Officer and Mr. Faraz Haider who cooperated and fulfilled all our needs for making this journey comfortable. I am sharing my experience with the readers, because I want to eradicate inequality from my society, I want to enlighten the world with my thoughts because by sharing our views with each other we can develop a new heaven of peace by embracing the differences to attain social cohesion.


The writer is a Media Manager at Pakistan – China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCJCCI)