LAHORE - At least 23 people including women and children were injured after bitten by a mad dog here on Saturday. The citizens killed the dog. According to details, a rabid dog attacked the citizens in Kot Lakhpat area of the provincial capital, Lahore. In mad dog attacks, 23 people including Irrum, Usman, Noor Fatima, Naila, Muhammad Zubair, Haleema, Mohsin, Muhammad Anas, Noor Fatima, Zainab, Ramazan, Umair, Abdullah, Sohaib, Urooj, Ahmad, Parvez, Shahroz and Shaukat were injured. The injured were shifted to Lahore General Hospital where according to the MS, they were being vaccinated and their condition was stable. The dwellers of the area killed the mad dog on self-help basis.