ISLAMABAD - The ongoing tussle between the federal and Sindh governments over provincial police chief has took a new turn as the centre made it clear the Sindh IGP would hold ground until it decides otherwise. 

Earlier, The Sindh government had asked the federal government to remove the incumbent IGP Sindh and posted a new provincial police chief.

Sindh government had also forwarded three names of senior police officers with the request to appoint new IGP Sindh one of them.  Last Monday, The Sindh cabinet had given approval to a recommendation to the Centre requesting for the transfer of IG Sindh over unsatisfactory performance in office. Replying the Sindh government’s request, the federal government wrote a letter to chief secretary of Sindh with the subject of posting of Sindh Inspector General of Police and said:  “It is stated that transfer/posting of Provincial Police officer (PPO)/ lnspector General of Police (IGP) is made by the federal government in consultation with the provincial government concerned in accordance with the procedure prescribed in para ll (iv) of Inter-provincial agreement reached between the Federal Government and the Federation Units on 19-09-1993. 

It said needless to point out that look after charge of the post of PPO/IGP Sindh cannot be assigned to any Additional Inspector General of Police working in the Province being not covered under the Inter Provincial Agreement, I993. In case, the Competent Authority decides to transfer Dr. Kaleem Imam (PSP/BS-21). PPO/IGP Sindh, a stop gap arrangement on any basis can only be made by the Competent Authority.”

It further said: “the issue of recall of Inspector General of Police, Sindh and posting of his replacement, as requested by the Government of Sindh, is being taken up with the competent authority.

The decision of the same, once reached will be communicated to Govemment of Sindh. In the meantime, the incumbent PPO/lGP, Sindh, Dr. Kaleem lmam (PSP/BS-21) shall continue to discharge his duties as unilateral repatriation of PPO/IGP Sindh and look after charge of the post cannot be assigned to any Additional Inspector General of Police by the Province.”

A senior officer of Establishment Division told The Nation that usually the federal government appoints Provincial Police Office (PPO) of any province with the consultation of province. He said according to the rules, its Prime Minister prerogative to post PPO of any province without any consultation. He said backdoors channels of centre and Sindh governments have been activated on the removal of Kaleem Imam and hopefully the issue would be resolved in next week. He said few years back the former PM Nawaz Sharif had posted former IGP Sindh AD Khawaja and even Sindh government opposed his appointment at that time.