A suicide bomber attacked police in the Pakistani capital on Sunday near Lal Masjid where thousands of people had gathered earlier in the day to mark the anniversary of a raid by law enforcement agencies a year ago at the mosque complex. It was a suicide attack. This incident is enough to show us the faces of the cowardly people who use the name of Islam as a cover for their evil designs. Islam means peace. Did anyone ever see any peaceful action from this evil group of people? Lal Masjid was just a political issue used by the previous opposition coalition against the Musharraf government. Now the new government has also launched a major army operation against extremists in the northern part of Pakistan. Compare the Lal Masjid incident with the army action of the present government in the FATA area in which more force and weapons have been used against the extremists. There have been some civilians casualties also. But where is the media? Last year, the GEO TV and other channels broadcasted the Lal Masjid incident live. Why aren't they telecasting the army operation in NWFP live? -DAWAR NAQVI, via e-mail, July 7.