LAHORE - Pakistan is going through difficult times. The whole nation has to unite to counter the conspiracies that are taking place against the sovereignty of Pakistan. I am now making music that is relevant to our times. Bhangra or pop songs are out of question these days. Popular singer of hit Bhangra songs Abrarul Haq stated this while talking to The Nation on Friday. For some months now Abrar was working on his next album but he has decided to delay it. "There is so much confusion and tension around. There is need for creating harmony among all sections of our society. We have to counter the threat of extremism and negative propaganda being spread about Pakistan. We have conflict situations in parts of country and people are disturbed by price hike and electricity shutdowns. The buying power of people has gone down. There are external hands that want to destablise Pakistan. "How could any artiste in such conditions work on dance numbers? I have come up with song that is relevant to our times and situation. It is song for people to work to change the destiny of the nation," he maintained. Abrar has written the lyrics of 'Sar Utha Kay Des Mein Chalnay Ka Mosum Aa Gaya' and composed the music as well. His vocals and soothing music of the song blend well to drive home the message. "Whatever religion or sect that we belong to. We are all united for the sovereignty of Pakistan. The song aims at building interfaith harmony and inter-provincial harmony in the country. I believe the song will move masses as well as those in power to unite for saving Pakistan," Abrar said. The pop star said he would launch the song across the country as well as internationally in a big way on August 12. The song's video would also be departure from the run-of-the-mill stuff being churned out in the music industry. Abrar said he had engaged Karachi-based Sohail Javed to make the video. "Sohail had to go to England for some important work. But when I convinced him about the importance of this song for me he has postponed his visit and would direct the video. The song will be filmed on locations in and around Karachi. The story of the video and paper work is complete. The sincerity and hard work of the whole team would definitely make it a memorable one," Abrar was of the view. Abrar said the national song would go on air on August 12. "Special events for the launch are being planned," he said.