The UPA and the bookies have one thing in common - the numbers game. So, while the UPA crunches its figures, the bookies are crunching their numbers, reports NDTV. And guess what - while the UPA is unsure about winning the trust vote, the bookies are confident. "The UPA will win. There's 0.38 paisa for them getting through and Rs 2.90 if they lose," says one of the bookies. This means that for every rupee bet, the punter will get a rupee and 38 paisas. And the rates change with every vote the UPA wins by. But that's only if the government wins the trust vote. If it loses, the bookies will pay two rupees to every rupee bet. And with every passing day, the betting's getting hotter. Currently, Rs 850 crore have been placed but bookies say that on July 22, it will exceed Rs 3,000 crore. After the IPL, the trust vote is turning out to be a money-spinner for the bookies. While they lost heavily in the IPL, this time they think they have got the numbers right.