KARACHI - Complete boycott has been observed at City and Malir Courts on Friday against the police torture on lawyers during the visit of Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar on Thursday night. The lawyers boycotted the legal proceedings and staged protest demonstration in the premises of the both courts. The prisoners' vans from the three prisons including Centre prison, Landhi prison, and Juvenile prison have not been allowed to enter the premises of City Court by the enraged lawyers. The lawyers carrying placards, banners in which slogans were inscribed 'Go Musharraf Go' and 'Go Zardari Go.' Two lawyers including Advocate Tahir Hussain Tanoli and Advocate Syed Lal Hussain Shah had observed token hunger strike at a camp setup in front of the Karachi Bar Association office. The lawyers were also chanting slogans against price-hike, President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, and demanding for restoration of judges and judiciary of pre-November-3, position. Later, Karachi Bar Association held a general body meeting at Shuhda-e-Punjab Hall of the City Courts. Addressing the meeting KBA President Mehmood-ul-Hassan alleged that the present government had proved that it was the continuation of the previous regime as the present rulers were also following the instructions of the dictators. He condemned the visit of CJP to High Court Karachi on Thursday and said that he visited here under the safety of law enforcement agencies. He said that the lawyers of the country were still accepting Ifikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as chief justice of Pakistan. Hassan said that the lawyers were staging peaceful protest at the premises of Supreme Court against the arrival of CJP, but the government had sabotaged the protest, arrested lawyers and also beaten them. He lauded all the deposed judges including Iftikhar Chaudhry and said that they had sacrificed their jobs and other facilities just to protect the constitution of the country, they are the most honourable judges, while people did not accept those judges who took oath under PCO.   Commenting over the statement of PPP Senator Latif Khosa regarding that the deposed CJP should not make visit to interior Sindh, he said that Khosa was also among the frontline men in the lawyers movement during the previous regime, and now he was stating against the lawyers movement. He also alleged that Musharraf had been hatching conspiracies from the presidential house against the lawyers movement and democracy. He said that lawyers since the day first had been continuing their peaceful struggle and their peaceful movement should not be taken as their weakness, while the government was trying to sabotage the lawyers movement by adopting the policy of violence with the lawyers.    On the occasion, Secretary KBA Naeem Qureshi criticised the police treatment with the lawyers. "People as well as the lawyers' fraternity do not accept the judges, who took oath under PCO. The movement would be continued till restoration of the pre-November-3 judiciary and reinstating of the deposed judges," he added. Meanwhile, other representatives of the lawyers' bodies also addressed the meeting, including Sallahuddin Gandapor, Advocate Nahid Afzal, Mushtaq Jahangir and others. Following the meeting, a protest rally has been taken out at MA Jinnah Road, staged sit-in and blocked the road for several hours.  During the protest the president of KBA offered token arrest to the police, later the lawyers dispersed and moved towards KBA office.