LONDON - A navy service man deputed at Pakistan High Commission in London breathed his last after falling from the fourth floor of the office building. As per details, Munir Ahmed of 50 who was appointed as Chief Petty Officer as Pakistan High Commission (PHC) London fell of the roof of the building in the rear lawn at 3:40pm while so many people were present. He was provided instant first-aid but he could not survive. Heavy detachment of London Metropolitan Police reached the PHC situated at Lowndes Square, Knights Bridge as soon as they received the information and sealed the spot taking the dead body in custody. The eyewitnesses reported that the deceased tried to utter some words before breathing his last but could not. Two white residents of the area who are the eyewitness to the happening and were present on the spot told the police that the deceased had received serious injuries resulting from the fall and he tried to say something which could not be understood. The deceased is reported to be hailing from Vehari. Police is collecting evidence and interrogating the people present in and around the nearby buildings, but the reason for death could not be traced. The PHC has, however, confirmed the happening.