GHAZNI (AFP) - Police arrested a woman and a 13-year-old child they alleged were suicide bombers planning to kill a provincial governor in central Afghanistan, officials said Friday. The pair were arrested late Thursday as they were fixing explosives to themselves behind the governor's residence in Ghazni, provincial government spokesman Ismail Jahangir told AFP. "They both were attempting to get into governor's compound and target the governor and high-ranking officials," Jahangir said. It is rare that women carry out attacks in Afghanistan's insurgency. A suicide attack in May in southwestern Farah province was apparently carried out by a woman in an all-covering burqa. Jahangir said the woman and the child could not speak either of Afghanistan's main languages, Dari and Pashtu, but spoke Pakistan's Urdu and Arabic. The pair were presented to the media several hours after their arrest. The deputy police chief of Ghazni, Abdul Ghani, told reporters the woman had confessed she was from Multan, in Pakistan, and had come to the city - the capital of a province of the same name - to carry out a suicide attack. She claimed to have entered the country with three associates who had not been arrested, Ghani said. The police chief did not confirm the boy was also meant to be involved in the bombing or his relationship with the woman. A 14-year-old boy from Pakistan's tribal belt was arrested with explosives in Ghanzi last year and told police he had been tasked with assassinating the governor. President Hamid Karzai pardoned the boy and handed him over to his parents.