LAHORE - After sending 146 officials home from the NAB a couple of days back in the context of less salary budget availability, new consultants backed by PPP are all set to join the NAB within next few days and certain names in this regard have been finalised by the law ministry, sources in the ministry confided to The Nation on Friday. The sources concerned said that some of the senior lawyers visited the NAB Punjab office at Chamba House and enquired about the pay package and working atmosphere of the officials. They said Farooq H Naek had finalised the list of the lawyers who would fill the vacuum of the 30 outgoing legal consultants. With the expulsion 146 people, about 50 percent legal consultants have been sent home which may provide relief to the corrupt elements of the society, said an officer of the Accountability court. He counted two grounds on the basis of which accused persons could get advantage with respect to grant of bail and those included, delay in the prosecution and medical ground. As per National Accountability Ordinance, the Accountability court was bound to decide case within a month, but here already cases were being delayed, ultimately a facilitating accused to move to Lahore High Court to get relief. The sources disclosed that among 140 people, sent home, about 30 legal consultants were from Punjab and out of them three were pursuing the cases of FIA, which were given to the NAB after the merger of FIA in NAB. A senior official of the Accountability Court, seeking anonymity said that manpower reduction would bring about problems for the court proceedings as number of references were routinely being filed, and so far 1286 cases were being proceeded in the various courts of the country. While 666 cases were in Punjab, hundreds of inquiries and investigations were apart from this. Only five accountability courts were working in Lahore and cases were being heard on day-to-day basis. When this scribe contacted a senior officer of NAB to know his opinion over the issue, he expressed his ignorance in the matter.