NEW DELHI (Agencies) - With next week's trust vote set to go right down the wire, sick and ailing MPs may be airlifted in desperate measures by party managers. And whose word will be final - that of the doctor or the party leadership - is just a matter of time. But party bosses, especially of the BJP, are keeping their fingers crossed so that no vote is lost by default that may mar their objective. Film star-turned-MP Dharmendra of BJP is also being reportedly rushed from Los Angeles where is recuperating after undergoing a knee surgery so that he is in time for the trust vote. Besides Dharmendra, two other BJP MPs are undergoing treatment. Mahesh Kanodia, a BJP MP from Gujarat and a popular singer is unwell after undergoing an open heart surgery and party managers are mulling bringing him by air ambulance to Delhi. Another MP of the saffron party Harish Chandra Chavan, who is recovering from injuries in a Nashik hospital, is in a precarious condition since doctors say it will take another two months for him to get better.